Imagine, years from now, pulling a sketchbook from the bookcase shelf, knowing that, when opened, it will reveal your intimate experiences with nature – time spent in places you love, soaking up the slower side of life.

The sketchbook melts away time. Any given page transports you back in time, enabling you to feel the breeze on your skin, smell the aromas of the salt marsh or recapture the awe felt when a Great Egret blessed you with a close encounter.

In a word . . . . . . . priceless!

Welcome to Nature Journaling!

Hands-on workshops are geared toward all experience levels. Pam guides participants through the techniques of observation, teaches field sketching, including the use of watercolor pencils, and discusses writing as a form of discovery and expression.


Workshops can be designed for nature centers and organizations, museum programs, classrooms (K – 12), home schooling groups, adult education programs, garden clubs and bed & breakfasts . . . just to name a few.